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Dear JB,

Thanks for the link. It was VERY informative. I'll have to pour over it more thoroughly when I have a lot of time to spend there.

I did, however, check the Thyroid Test Value Chart, and coincidentally, I just had my T3, T4, TSH, and Thyroxine levels done. According to the site, mine seem to be fine. A few years ago, I had a nuclear scan of my thyroid, where you swallow the radioactive pill, and they scan your throat with the machine.

It's strange, though, because when I went to your link, I fit into almost EVERY category of hypothyroidism, except that my tests came back normal. It make me curious to know how accurate the bloodwork is, and if there's any reason I should be tested further........

Thank you again. It's a very good site!
Hi Gal
You might want to look at the adrenal information. Apparently thyroid and adrenals are closely linked. There's a specific test for that too.
My TSH was in the "normal" range - .4-6. I was at 3.3.
But I was still hypothyroid. When it's down to between 1-2 I feel better. Did you have the Free T4? A low TSH (around 1) and a high normal Free T4 are what you want. If your Free T4 is low normal that's another indication. You didn't mention the Free T4 test only the T4 test which is different. The thyroxine test is for Free T3 (I think)and if it shows that is good then that means your body can convert the T4 to T3.
The difinitive test for hypothyroid is the TRH test. See if you can get that one. If you are swallowing radioactive pills then they might think you are hyperthyroid and I don't know a lot about that. Why not post your results on the thyroid board. There's some pretty knowledgeable people there.