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In November my doc ran the usual thyroid function tests and included a full blood count. My wbc came back as nearly double the normal levels, so he has now run some more tests which has included a test for carcinoembryonic antigens, This test was taken 15 days ago and just when I began to relax, believing that no news was good news there was a letter from my surgery asking me to make an appointment to see my dr. I called the surgery and the receptionist said that this test had come back as being elevated. indicating the possibility of some sort of cancer.
now I am really scared, and cannot get to see my doc until monday eve.
I am just wondering if there is a link between hypoT and Thyroid cancer, can anyone shed any light on this for me.
I am really hoping that if i do have cancer, then please let it be thyroid.

I cannot believe this is happening to me on top of everything else. I was just begining to feel really well, after months of trying to get my body to accept the thyroxine. I was getting my life and health back and now yet another thing to deal with.
I have hashis so maybe you are right Kant and the test results are skewed because of it. my TSH is currently at 9.7 and T4 is 13 I am feeling well despite TSH being so high. The only trace of the hypoT is a little residue brain fog. I have been working, keeping on top of the housework socialising etc
here in the UK they dont test for antibody levels after diagnosis, as they say it doesnt matter as the treatment with thyroxine would be the same anyway.

I know it may sound strange but the thought of it being linked to thyroid cancer is a comfort. I have read that if you are gonna get the big C then this really is the best one to get as it is the most curable.
I am not sure where I go from here with regard further tests etc so any help on that would be very much welcomed right now.

thank you all for replying, you really dont know how much I appreciate this and how much calmer I feel.