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My mum cleaned her ears lastnight with a normal earbud (cuetip), after cleaning both ears the first time everything was ok, then she wipped around the inner edge of her left ear again and noticed there was blood on the earbud.

It has been almost 24 hours now since the bleeding started and if she uses an earbud, there is still fresh blood in there, but the blood is not leaking out like a nose bleed or anything.

She says she feels fine and has no trouble with her hearing, but her left ear does throb sometimes like when you have cut or banged something.

She doesn't seem to be bothered about it at all saying that she probably just pushed the earbud a bit too far down and scratched something or maybe she popped a spot in her ear, but i am freaking out a bit cos bleeding from any cut or anything for 24 hours cant be a good thing.

From the earbuds, it looks like its trying to clot over and heal becuase she left it about 6 hours today before checking again with an earbud and there was a lump of clotted blood first then just fresh blood on the earbud.

I have had a look down her ear with a tourch and you cant see any blood at all which is weird, but whenever she puts an earbud in there, its comes out covered in fresh blood.

Is she right not to be worried and possibly just scratched or burst a spot or something or should she goto see the DR asap ??

She has never had any hearing/ear problems before at all, she is 51 years old but she does have an underactive thyroid which is kept stable on thyroxine, she has rayernards syndrome (bad cerculation to her hands and feet) and arthritus in her lower back.

Any replies or adivce would be gratefully received