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I have had anxiety and depression issues for about 4-5 years now. I often get in very irritable moods and am very moody. Ever since the anxiety began to grow, my bowel movements have cooresponded with the anxiety (the anxiety seems to cause it). Its almost like the anxiety triggers a stimulant that makes my stomach very very uneasy and is a bit painful. Im sure you are wondering why this is on the thyroid disorders board right about now..

I have also had lymphatic problems for a while now. I play soccer and run track. This past winter, during the track season, I was diagnosed with what was somewhat of a sports hernia.. the lymphnode in my inguinal(spelling?) wall was pushing out a ligament and it was painful to run. I can recall having this same pain a few years ago playing soccer, I just always thought it was a muscular issue so I didnt think much of it. I always have had swelling in the lymphnodes and this past winter, my white blood cell count was high. I get sick all the time

Two weeks ago, track started up. I came across something new. After every hard sprint I ran, my heart would beat very fast(as expected) but would stop/skip on the 5th-6th beat. It does this for about 5 minutes, continuously until I am relaxed.

There are 6 living cases of thyroid problems in my family. Could my lymphnodes have an infection for all this time and be attackin my thyroid gland which then creates the thyroxine hormone which stimlulates anxiety and the bowel movements? Also note that I have been a runner for the past 4 years of high school and I never had the heart problems until two weeks ago. Also note that although I have run track all this time, I had never run track and worked a 25 hour work week on top of that and school (I am stressed).

I am a mess.