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Quote from Cowspots:
Would it be ok to take these with vitamins or should they maybe be taken alone?

First thing in the morning before anything I take my prescribed thyroid pill. A while later I have breakfast. I'm guessing after breakfast would be a good time to take them?

Can these be found only at health food/vitamin stores?


Green tea (extract) is an Herb which you can take with or without food. I take mine on an empty stomach at 4:00 a.m. before i get to the gym and it helps on energy alot.(capsule and tea) You can find them in healthfood stores and even in most grocery store vitamin sections..One last thing i noticed you said you take thyroid medicine, i presume for underactive?? well you can take nutrients for it also as thyroxine is made up of L-tyrosine (amino acid) and Iodine (kelp,seasalt) as these will help ... However always check first with your DR. when on prescriptions as this can interfere with it..... :cool: