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Does anyone know what it means if you have a blood test and your liver comes back raised?? I am feeling a bit short of breath but probably due to recent bad flu. Anyway i still feel something is not right and doc is sending me to see a heart doc, but my blood test showed raised liver?? she asked if i drink but i dont, my thyroid is under again so am on 150mg thyroxine. also my colestrol was a little bit high, and also my platelet were raised again, they keep raising steadily then will come down a bit but do not raise drastically high. I also have a few ulcers appear near my butt, i know it sounds funny but it is agony as i cannot go to the loo AT ALL!!! I feel absolutely run down and get short of breath sometimes. dr has put me on 75mg asprin a day, estatin( i think for colestrol) i am on a 2 week course of sporanex pulse( i think in case it is a yeast/thrush problem,on my butt). I sometimes get a heavy chest ache, but was checked out for this 2 years ago and heart doc said everything was fine and to stop worry about it and get on with life. But if i get too worried or hurt in someway i get this bad chest ache and i have to rub my chest for a few hours as it hurts, also lots of palpitations and quick heart beat? any ideas anyone.