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I could not find a board to ask about medications so apologies if i am on the wrong board. I am also not sure if anyone can help with a medication problem.
But here goes, as i have suffered with severe Butt problems for 18 months and my dr has now said i have an abcess, i spoke with my dr last night and explained i am going abroad this coming weekend, and need some relief to enjoy my holiday. My dr has given me anti biotics to help clear my abcess till i get back from my Holiday then i will see a surgeon. But our conversation was hurried and i am now concerned if she has given me the wrong amount of anti biotics.
I am currently on :
Thyroxine 125mg for underactive thyroid
75mg Asprin
10mg cipralex
40mg Omeprazole for night coughing
Also on creams for sore butt and cream for mouth ulcers.

Also the Dr has given me these anti biotics:
Metronidazole 200mg - one three times a day for 5 days
Cefradine 500mg - one four times a day for 5 days
Itraconazole 100mg - one twice a day for 2 weeks.
Does anyone know if these 3 anti-biotics are ok to all be taken togther, i was on the Itracanazole previously and wondered if the i have been accidently given these again. My dr is not in today or tomorrow so i would ring and ask her, but i also dont wont her to feel i am doubting her as she is a fantastic Dr.