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My concern about soy is this...

soya is often reccomended to menopausal women to relieve the symptoms of hot flushes etc. This is because it mimics oestrogens!!! oestrogens block the effect of thyroxine. (if you have hypothyroididsm and are on HRT you cannot take them within 8 hrs of each other) Does this mean that more people will develop thyroid disorders which can also lead to heart problems, raised cholestrol, type 2 diabetes, oestoporosis?

I am not against soya, I just think more research needs to be done before we call it safe or unsafe, but in my opinion how many 'wonder' products have been prescribed/sold only to be withdrawn a few yrs later because some effects do not show for a number of years? baby formula milks are a classic example of this, when they were introduced in the 60's we were told by the experts that it was better than breast milk for the baby. We now know different, but not before we produced a whole generation of obese, ill people.
As I said this is just my opinion.