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Hi guys!

I'm normally on the thyroid board but moseyed over here to see if you could shed any light on recent test results. First, a bit of background for you;

I've been hypothyroid since around 1999, all kicked off when I started taking the contraceptive pill I believe. Early last year I started getting treated with thyroxine and then a couple of months ago, after moving to a new doctor, got moved over to taking Armour.

The doctor that prescribed me armour suggested a load of other tests for me to get done, which I'm slowly working my way through. I found that I was unable to tolerate my armour after a few days and had to cut the dose back (I was on 75mcg of thyroxine initially, moved over to 50mcg thyroxine with 1/2 grain armour in the AM and 1/2 grain in the PM. unable to tolerate so now on 50mcg thyroxine and 1/4 armour AM and 1/4 PM).

SO, someone suggested that I get my adrenals checked, as this often stops people being able to tolerate Armour. It was on my list of tests to have done so off I went and did a 24 hour salivary test, the results came back as:

Test Time Results Reference Range (nmol/L)
Salivary Cortisol
8.00am 103.1 6.0 to 33.0
12 Noon 9.7 4.0 to 28.0
4.00pm 9.5 4.0 to 11.8
Midnight 11.6 1.0 to 5.0

Salivary DHEA Sulphate
8.00am 19.0 4.0 to 29.0
12 Noon 7.8 2.5 to 13.0
4.00pm 10.2 2.0 to 6.0
Midnight 7.9 1.0 to 4.0


Salivary Cortisol profile:

8am value significantly elevated (and checked for accuracy) - ? medication-related. In addition the midnight value is above reference range

Salivary DHEA-s profile:

Overall profile indicates normal hormone output

sorry, it doesn't format nicely on here, I know. Anyway, cortisol was really damn high in the morning, and climbing again the following midnight... DHEA-s seemed to be high late in the day as well. What does this mean? I'm making an appointment to see the doctor again next week but wondered if you guys had any input so I'm forewarned.

Thanks, any input appreciated...