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Some six months ago I began suffering terrible symptoms which, to cut a long story short, were allergic reaction to all things dairy and wheat. It included the medications I had to take, including thyroxine, calcum tabs for osteoporosis, and the pain killers I need for fybromyalgia. My GP has, eventually, found a source of thyroxine in capsule form, but the rest I am having to do without. I have tried several antihistamine tabs to help with the allergic reactions (I am trying hard to keep dairy out of my diet, but it is very difficult with it being in so many products, even an Oxo cube!), but I cannot tolerate any tablets that contain lactose - a very common ingredient in tablets these days. If I do take a pain killer, I get a couple of hours freedom from the pain, only to suffer a sever allergic reaction thereafter.

Does anyone know of any form of pain medication which is available NOT in tablet form? I am getting very desperate.