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We'll today was the day... I was there for 3 hours as a new patient. OMG!:dizzy: I work for physicians and I still think that was crazy.. After having almost an hour or so consult with him about my family history and my history, he took 6 vials of blood (yes, I blacked out on them) and a urine test and sent me home with a 24hour urine kit (YUK!) I am more confused than I was when I got there. He doesn't know right now what to do with me. He wants the further tests obviously which will include results from a Thyroxine Free, VAP, Vit. D, 250H, Bone Specific Aikalase test, Chem 12 comp, glucose w/calcium and creatinine, Phosphorus, PTH IRMA and T4 tests.... I don't think I have any blood left!

He said that he is concerned b/c of my age (34) and that I am at risk, Young white female, blond hair blue eyes, fair complextion are all risk factors for Osteo. Obviously...He said my irregular periods since teen years are a risk factor too. He said since I have kidney stones then he is worried now that increasing my calcium to where it needs to be will make me pass kidney stones (create them) more than I am already. Not sure if anyone out there has passed one but I don't wish it upon my worst enemy! So he's doing some more research to figure out what to do with me basically. He said he can't put me on the RX's that everyone goes on b/c the long term effects with unborn children etc are too great. I would like to ATTEMPT to have a kid, don't want to rule it out all together.

So basically I have no answer so far. Great huh? I still feel like that episode in Friends when Ross goes to the Doctor to have his Nubin looked at and he becomes the science experiment.