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I had my TSH done in April. The normal range for the following are:

TSH = 0.350-5.500
T4 = 4.5-12.0
T3 = 24-39
Free Thyroxine Index = 1.2-4.9

It depends on the time of the month you went to get tested too.
For your estrogen levels
days 1-10 61-394
days 11-20 122-437
days 21-30 156-350
post meno <40

follicular 0.2-1.4
luteal 3.3-25.6
mid luteal 4.4-28.0
post meno 0.0-0.7

Testostergone serum 14-76

Cortisol test AM FEMALE 4.3-22.4
Cortisol test PM FEMALE 3.1-16.7
hi yes my fsh is 47.6 but im not having any type of symtons no hotness or nightsweats i suffered a yr with my thyriold tsh level at 8.45 when my psychiatrist finally found out i had it i thought i did but the old gp i was seeing refused to test my hormones or thyriolds i get a copy each and everytime i get labs done i was on 75mcgs of levothyroxine for 2 mos before that when i first found out i was on 25mcgs then went to 50 mcgs then to the 75mcgs well took 75mcgs for like 2 mos then my chests started hurting really bad so i tried a 50 still hurt so im on the 25mcgs my chests dont hurt as bad its not in my chests but before it was now its right below my breasts that hurt plus my panic is coming more and more i have panic disorder with agraphobia so and before when my tsh was 8.45 and before i was sleeping nonstop deep deep depression i was a total mess im ok so far but im not 100% the 25mcgs arent high enough really but im scared to take 50 cause i dont want my chest to hurt again my dr did run some test on me the tsh 3rd gen
tsh reflex
t3 & 4 ft 3 & 4
and my fsh was 47.6 and the other tests for meno or whatever says low so does this mean i need some female hormone replacements as well
im not depressed now nor do i cry i think im very stressed though because of the way i feel i cant leave my house if i do i fall down like im allmost to the point of passing out totally .
im going to church tomorrow and im turning to god for help i have suffered so long and i allmost cant handle much more my dr will get the labs monday can a certain brand of thyriold medicine cause side effects i been on levothyroxine since jan 2007 but maybe the t 3& 4 and ft 3& 4 will tell him something .when my dr calls im asking him about my fsh and finding out if im in prei or meno im 45 but no period since dec 06 but i spotted in march and may very little.i have my labs i can post it .
its fsh 47.6 says high range is 1.0-8.0
LH-39.8 range 1.9-16.3
estradiol 24.0 low range 26.6-201.0
follicular phase-2.5-10.2
luteal phase-1.5-9.1
mid cycle peak-1.6-18.8
post meno-23.0-116.3
ao what is this telling me.
thanks vickie