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I have recently found a remedy that has reduced the frequency of my migraines by about 80%.

Let me tell you a little about my migraine history. I started with headaches at puperty aged 11 but could always get rid of them rapidly with 3 paracetomol.

At the menopause, things changed. The headaches I could previously banish with paracetomol would not go but lingered for 2, 3 or 4 days. They were debilitating. I tried various types of tablet but nothing worked until my doctor prescribed me Maxalt Melt which is a wafer-type tab that melts on the tongue and is easily absorbed. One tablet will usually clear a headache in about and hour or two. I get them on prescription and they are free because I also have a thyroid condition which involves me taking thyroxine. (In the UK certain types of medication are free on the NHS plus ALL other medication - it dates back to the start of the NHS in 1945 and its a nonsense - but that's another story!)

Taking thyroxine apparently puts one at slightly greater risk of stroke so people taking thyroxine are usually also prescribed a daily low dose aspirin (75mg) as a prophylactic. I had never taken my aspirin because it gave me a bit of tummy ache. However last time I saw my doctor he asked whether I wanted an aspirin repeat prescription and I confessed I hadn't been taking them. He said I should and explained why. So, about 2 months ago I started taking the daily 75 mg of aspirin. Guess what happened?

Virtually no more migraines since then! I have had a few and I can relate them to eating chocolate or cheese the night before. But all the rest have mercifully GONE! I am so pleased I thought I would share it with other sufferers. It may not work for many but it is certainly worth a try, don't you think?