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I am a 19 year old male and my serum cholesterol has been ranging from 104-120 since my first blood test. Also, my blood pressure ranges from 95/55 to 85/45 but i don't experience any faintness because of this. I have read that both of these conditions can cause problems but my doctor is convinced i am fine. I am concerned that as a result of my low cholesterol levels i will have hormone problems as well. I have had several tested: DHEA-S came out at 356, Pregnenolone at 25, Total Testosterone at 806, Free Testosterone at 26.73, Cortisol (morning) at 20.7, TSH at 1.51 and Free Thyroxine at 1.37. My chemistry blood panel had some oddities which my doctor chose not to pursue including Albumin levels from 4.9-5.3 and Magnesium levels at 2.3. To me this is a lot of numbers; is any of this cause for concern? According to the ranges of the labs which supplied my blood tests DHEA-S, Pregnenolone, Testosterone (Total and Free) are all out of range while Cortisol, TSH, and Free Thyroxine are all boarderline.