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Hi all, I'm new to this forum and found a lot of the threads most interesting. Any advice/suggestions/comments on my ongoing condition would be really welcome.
About 8 weeks ago I had a sudden....and I mean sudden....attack of weird right-hand side of head ...numbness/blurring/light-headed sensation....the sort of feeling you get before you might faint...but only on r/h side of head. Head felt weighted to that side. This happened whilst walking through room at home to kitchen. No loss of sight/no loss of balance or hearing but it was v.frightening. I sat down for 10 mins and it gradually went off. Went to GP next day, who suspected Lab. but looked at eyes etc, made me do balance tests and thought not. No sign of tumour/stroke. Anyway, over the next 2 weeks I got progressively more episodes of giddiness/dizziness/sense of everything rushing towards me or that I was walking on uneven surface and generally felt really unwell. No temperature though. Eventually had major panic attack and ended up in local emergency wing where doc. said my symptoms were all panic attack linked and to see GP for anxiety counselling. Aaagh. Of course I was anxious....I had no idea why dizziness etc kept on and on. My GP was actually very good and after signing me off work (now in 5th week) managed to get me a referral to an ENT consultant. She ran a gamut of tests and sent me for a hearing test. All clear. Referred for routine MRI which is due in a week. GP again very understanding but baffled and I have an appt. to see a General Medicine consultant next week. My symptoms change daily but generally I feel unwell a lot of the time, have varying degress of fullness in ears but predominantly r/h side, pricking/stabbing in r/h ear and feeling of gland up underneath ear, hurts to swallow on r/h side, I did have some tinnitus (roaring spasm/flutterings like a moth trapped) and did have a very hot right ear at one point, a lot of imbalance feelings and varying degrees of nausea, some sensitivity to light esp. when looking away from a bright screen or window (halo effect). I have been blood tested for lack of iron etc etc, my thyroid is managed with 100g thyroxine (last 7 years), blood pressure v. low but always has been. Before all this I was an active person, running 3 x a week and running a stressful customer rleations team call centre. Have seen a cranial osteopath who said there was a lot of tension showing and have suggested TMJ problem (had bad time at dentist in January)....but could TMJ make me feel unwell with no temperature?

sorry to ramble on....but that's what this ...whatever it is...seems to be doing! :mad:

Any advice?????:confused: