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I have been getting some good help on the thyroid boards about needing meds for low thyroid. My internist started me on thyroxine but my numbness and tingling and pain in my hands and one foot have not subsided at all with the meds, just started full dose last week. For months, my hands go numb at night and turn into claws, with pain but I also have constant numbness during the day with some numbness in my toes of my right foot. My rheumy did a reflex test and I had a positive Babinski's sign and she originally wanted me to go to a neurologist because she said I had heightened reflexes?? for my age, 63. But when they found out my TSH was 69, they said just do the meds for thyroid and that should solve my problems. My neck has cervical degenerative disease, reversed lordosis, spondylosis, stenosis due to arthritis from my RA. Does anyone here on this board know if thyroid meds will clear this up? I am thinking I need to see the neurologist since it seems that the numbness and tingling never hardly goes away and gets worse with positioning on my sides etc? any input would be appreciated.