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Well, the EEG had some abnormalities but none off them were epileptic! That's a relief........!

My thyroid problems, aka my overcompensated hypothyreoidie does seem to make me more susceptable for seizures now, or so it seems. There is some literature about thyroxine lowering seizure threshold, so I'm not making it up!

Anyway, due to the thyroid imbalance, according to the neuro now isn't the right time to go switching meds! So the starting of Keppra is postponed with 3months, in the hope that gives my internist ample time to sort out my thyroid! Bit of a bomber.........I had just worked myself up into going to switch, and now the delay..........:confused:

Fortunately the carbamazepine problems are not that big that I have to switch richt away, so that's a relief, although they still do warrant a change in meds;

In the meantime:
I still welcome any stories with Keppra experience: good or bad!

Whishing you all the best!