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Sorry to rant on but just want to know if this is familiar to anyone else.... woke up this morning full of gas wind pains burping.. my mouth tatses horrible almost like blood? The top of my stomach feels uncomftable :( l have my thyroxine and a cup of tea wait 45 mins and have 1 slice of lighly buttered toast (not butter dairy free marg sunflowers spread) l feel like l need the toilet my stomach feels upset, I feel cold even though the heating is on and l feel drained.. my mouth still tastes awful despite brushing my teeth.. the top of my chest feels uncomftable too but this Comes and goes. My stomach feels hungry but l dont think l am hungry if that makes sense,, l have some upper back discomfort which too comes and goes.. my stomach is now rumbling and although l dont feel sick or have heartburn acid my mouth feels watery.. anyone else? This is wearing me out and l know l need the endoscopy done but lm scared :( xxx lm now going to get something to eat to see if it helps. Ive been using manuka honey for just over 3 weeks now and it has eased some of the issues. It seems since l had 3 citrus flavoured lolly pops a few days ago l have took a step back!