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A warm hello to everyone..:).......Im looking for some advice...Recently been diagnosed as having Hashimotos Thyroiditis, Not feeling too good because of this...but im having other symptoms that im not sure are down to this or not ???......Had blurred vision/double vision few weeks ago,im to see Neurologist about this 18wks waiting list ! :(..the last couple of days ive started to itch all over but mostly on my face under my nose !...driving me NUTS!...cant sleep for it...not that i've been sleeping to great latley....I've had this burning patch on my abdomen which feels like ive put menthol on it...it also is painfull to touch....had this on my left forearm also...ive had painfull hips/knees on/off for years that no-one can find out whats causing it....wear orthotics in my shoes that are meant to help...I get very stiff at times especially when ive been sitting down...feel like an old man getting going again!...my hips feel like they want to go into spasm all the time....( cant walk long distances). At night recently i've noticed that im waking up(if I do get to sleep!!) with my hand and arms numb...and ive not been lying on top of them...and when the feeling does come back I dont get the pins and needles that goes with it when you have been lying/sitting on them.....I should probably mention that the reason I was diagnosed with thyroid problems was that I had pins and needles in my hands....which after 8 months of being on Thyroxine hasn't gone yet!...find myself occasionally putting the wrong letter in front of a word or getting things muddled up...and having this Brain fog people talk about....had numb toes a number of years ago...GP told me to wear 2 prs of socks! Also I put in a urine sample recently because Ive been running to the toilet to pass water every 1/2 hour or so...even through the night...and I seem to get the urge all of a sudden to pee...and Ive got to go there and then...but sample came back clear.. got heartburn +++ and Hiccups+++ :confused:...just dont feel right and I know something is wrong...could all this be because of my thyroid?...my GP just says it could be....I feel exhausted all the time......sorry to go on but Im at a loss and Id be very grateful for any advice....:)