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I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago complaining of migraine headaches. I have a history of allergies and sinus issues and he headed exactly that direction. Gave me a narcotic pain reliever and muscle relaxer. But he also checked the glands in my throat and found an enlargement on my thyroid. From there he checked my TSH and Free Thyroine. He also sent me to have an ultrasound.

The TSH was 6.33 and the Free Thyroxine was 0.80 - Doc put me on a starter dose of Synthroid.

Got the Songram results yesterday - Doc explained but left me wondering...
Results: Echotexture is heterogeneous bilaterally and both loabes appear [COLOR="Red"]hypervascular by color Doppler. 1 cm hypoechoic nodule noted along the posterior aspect inferior pole. IMPRESSION: Heterogeneous, [COLOR="red"]hypervascular thyroid gland. In the setting of hypothyroidism, this finding might represent evidence of [COLOR="red"]thyroiditis. [COLOR="red"]1 cm hypoechoic nodule lower pole left lobe.

What I got from what the doctor said is that they believe I have a virus in my thyroid (thyroiditis), which may clear up on its own. They believe this because of the texture of the thyroid. [COLOR="DarkRed"]What I didn't get was what makes a nodule hypoechoic and what does that mean?

What bothers me is....mom died of lung cancer metastatic to the bone, paternal grandfather died of thyroid cancer, neice died last year from brain tumors....and many other cancers in the family all rapid progression.

Yep - freakin' out a little here...especially after asking to see a specialist and being told I probably won't hear for two weeks about an appointment and then it will be 3 or more months off.

Oddly. the migraine has gotten better since taking the Synthroid - but the doctor says one has nothing to do with the other....?.....

A 1 cm nodule....hypoechoic??? - does that mean the echo had trouble penetrating it?

Anybody think I should push the time issue or find an endocrinologist that can see me sooner?

Some advice please!