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I've just joined. This seems daunting at first and takes a while to understand the figures. If you are feeling better you are on the right road. Personally I tweak the dose until I know I feel ok, whatever the numbers. So many docs just go by the TSH but everyone is different. e.g. I was diagnosed when TSH was 7.17 but one of my daughters was diagnosed with a TSH of 1.34. She felt much worse than me with just about every symptom on the list. Also every lab is different, even within your own area, never mind country. Here they still go from 0.1 - 5.0mU/L and the feelings of lots more knowledgeable than me is to get as near the bottom as possible. Also if you were tested after not taking thyroxine for 24hrs you would probably be much higher again. So if your doc stops the prescription, you will simply go up again! Like stopping insulin for a diabetic! So you do still need the thyroxine.
That you are now 3.6 doesn't mean a thing. At least where you are your doctors are sort of working for you, here that is not the case, so we are naturally a bit more careful of 'rocking the boat'. Also, take it on an empty stomach, then leave half to 1 hr before eating,some find taking it at night makes them feel better the next day. Experiment.