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I am so sorry about your scary DX, I think you are most likely unable to sleep because you are very anxious and stressed? Also suddenly every second is precious and you don't want to waste it, yet you need rest and more important, sleep, to get the fuel to do your fighting for full health. Also sleep will help you to cope with the emotional issues involved.

Just maybe you need meds to help you get back the sleep habit.

You say you are hypothyroid, is this corrected by thyroxine tabs? If so your dosage may be a bit high and that makes sleep hard to get.

Just very rarely, a shock can cause your thyroid gland to go hyper, I don't know if this can happen when you are low, or when you have cancer in the gland, but it could be worth having your levels checked.

I wish you all the luck in the world, it very much sounds as if you have an easily sorted cancer and you will most likely be ok after, it may take a bit of time getting your thyroid levels correct, but once you have, you will feel fine:)

I know of plenty of people who have had cancer, including my Mum, she had it nearly 20 years ago and she has had no trouble since:) By the way, do get any councelling that is on offer, it really can help more than you can imagine.