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I tell you...this is one emotional roller coaster ride I didn't want to buy a ticket for! Saturday morning, Mom summoned me to her room, and asked if I found what I had been looking for in the top drawer of her nightstand. She must re-arrange that drawer at least once a day lately. I told her that I wansn't in her drawer...which eventually led to me being 'argumentive and disrespectful' because I tried to AVOID an argument by simply telling her I wasn't in her drawer.

Saturday evening, Mom summoned me to her room again, and asked me why her clothes were on the floor. She will hang at least 10 hangers with HEAVY clothes on the end of one plastic hanger...instead of putting them on the hanging rod in the closet...those plastic hangers DO eventually break from the weight...and I saw this coming a couple of days ago when I saw how many clothes she had hanging from the inside of this one plastic hanger, and I told her that I knew this was going to happen. She said, "Well, why didn't you do something about it???" I told her, "Because you would have said that I was re-arranging your clothes." She got madder than heck, and then started to accuse dad of throwing them down on the floor...since he had just been in the closet to get something before taking his shower.

So she hit him with it when he came out of the bathroom, and he turned into a 'liar' because she says that she went into the closet right after he left and there were her clothes on the floor.

Then this morning, I am summoned back to her room again, and she shows me all of dad's 'new clothes' for the hundreth time. HE HAS NO NEW CLOTHES! She shows me jackets that I bought for him over 10 years ago for Christmas...but they are suddenly 'brand new.' :rolleyes: So she came into the living room and her 'good morning' to him was: "When are you going to stop buying new clothes, you b*****d!!" I was able to record this outburst from down the hall of her cussing him out about 'buying new clothes.' :rolleyes:

Her eyesight is going to start to become affected too, because she works herself into such rages, that she starts crying, and I can't put her glaucoma drops in. She refused to let me put the Timolol in this morning so far. I'd love to say, "If you go blind, which you have said repeatedly that you wouln't be able to handle, then you have NO ONE to blame but yourself, because you are acting like a little child having a temper tantrum."

I HATE THIS DISEASE. If she didn't get so angry all of the time, it could be handled better. But she has turned into "Mommie Dearest"!