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Hi Osteo: I just want to begin by saying I can't thank you enough for being the one that found this BRACE!!! If it weren't' for you I never would have found it, because I really wasn't looking for one. Usually braces are used with back injuries post-operatively and only for 6 mos, because they cause your core muscle to weaken. I've had 7 different braces, one with each surgery, and even though they helped to heal you and prevent further injury, I don't think I could say they reduced the pain all that much. They give you a feeling of support, but since you only wear it for a short time it's a totally different type of rehab. This brace "doesn't" weaken your core, and it's the first brace I've ever heard of that can actually strengthen you extensor muscles. It's mostly for those with kyphosis or frax's, but my main reason for getting it is the 38% pain relief they claim. I won't know how it works until I actually get it, but even if it relieves 1/2 the percentage above it'll be worth it. Since I can't walk very long, Sara feels this will improve my ability to walk more, sit longer, and stand longer. If this works it will be truly amazing.

I don't want to spend the whole post on this brace, but I'll keep you all posted, since it's for osteoporosis/frax's/kyphosis, which I'm starting to get (rounding forward unfortunately). I tried to get it on my own, but it wasn't going well, so Sara stepped in and within 24 hours I had a call from a co rep and a appt to see an orthotist here in my town. When I was trying to get it on my own, I was told the nearest orthotist who knew how to fit it was 70 miles away, and it has to be refitted every couple of months, so that wasn't looking good, plus no one would guarantee they knew how to fit it, which is apparently a big deal or it could be royally messed up by cutting the orthosis/straps wrong. Hopefully I'll have it within a week or 2, and let you all know how it works. I'm hoping my back will strengthen, straighten and not hurt so much all the time, and allow me more of a life.

I miss the ducks, but it is about the time they leave anyway so we'll hopefully see them next year.:(

I hope you get good news on the mass/mess, has it really turned into a mess? Are you still seeing the same Drs? Are the plans still the same or has something changed?

I hope you tear situation levels out to the point where it helps a lot. I use any brand of artificial tears 5 x's a day and then timolol drops 2 x's, zalantan 1 time and the ointment at bedtime. Have you ever figured out the trick to getting the ointment in with out it just curling up on the opening of the tube? I have so much trouble getting them in it's nuts. If I get it even close to my lower lid, it always gets stuck on an eye lash and then falls off onto my face. Well I finally figured out another way to get them in, so hopefully that continues to work. This brand of ointment for (corneal erosion) is muro 128 OTC ointment, it also comes in drops but they really burn and have to be used 4 times a day which I don't want to do, plus they don't work as well. Since you have sjorgrens have you been checked for corneal ero? You wake up with unbelievably blood shot eyes that burn like crazy. What happens is your inner eye lid gets really dry and resembles sand paper so while you sleep that inner eye lid rubs back and forth across the cornea, since our eyes move when we sleep. Hopefully this ointment continues to work, because the only alternative is some type of surgery, and I have to admit I didn't even want to hear or read about it so I can't tell you what it entails.

Let me know what you find out with all the med probs. Oh, no probs with the Evista so far, and you're right we never have humidity, it's always really dry so that's why I thought it was contributing to the pain. Hopefully my cal D and pth will return to normal when I have the test next mo. Keep up with the wonderful walking, wish I could join you some day, wouldn't that be something, me being able to walk longer than 15 minutes and in your area, I've never been in your neck of the woods!! BTW the flash flooding they keep mentioning is from a storm front, and when it rains hard in the desert flash flooding is not unusual, since the water doesn't soak into the hard ground very fast, it just runs off. We had a couple of sink holes around town where cars got stuck 5 feet down when the road just gave way while they were waiting at a red light.

Well I better go the old sit bones are burning.

Take Care, and thanks a million on the brace; just keep your fingers crossed that it does all they claim it does.:angel::angel: