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Deljo, how nice of you to remember me and thank you for your post. My floaters are almost all gone but I still get that gob now and again, but very seldom anymore. I am glad you told me about what your optholmologist told you as it comfirms what I was told. As of yesterday the pressure in my right eye was in the high 50's so I have to go to Rapid City on Monday as they are talking about doing the laser surgery that will open up the vessels and decrease the pressure. They are trying me on a new drop, Timolol. I used it about 40 minutes ago and so far there are no side effects. I always put pressure on the inside of the bridge of my nose to keep the drops from entering my stomach, but they still get into my blood stream and cause adverse effects from chest pressure to depression. I hope this one works. I'll know more after the first 24 hours. Thanks again. So nice to be able to communicate with others regarding this set-back in my life. Soph