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I had continual longtime burning and pain that was stopped by urinating but eventually continued all the time, I took many antibiotics at high doses, on the theory that I had a bladder infection, also took megadoses of vitamin C and bicarb soda with no help.
no bladder infection could ever be found in my urine

I was then cystrescoped by a urologist who found nothimg wrong

eventually another doc tried me on the bedwetting dose of tofranil, a tricyclic antidepressant, which calms the bladder as a side effect
this stopped the pain
socalled cronic bladder infections with no infection ever found in the urine are quite likely to be anxiety related and any antidepressant med should be tried, the bedwetting dose of tofranil is much smaller than the antidepressant dose

I was so contemptuous of my doctors that I never told them of my cure.....