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I belive we might be neighbors! And seems as though we're having the same pains. Mine is more a stabbing, burning, twisting pain, and is ALWAYS there. From what my doc says it's pretty bad muscle spasms, and we haven't been able to really trace them back to any particular event that caused them, and the trigger point tennis ball in a sock thing doesn't really provide any relief for me either. My pain like this started at the beginning of June, and hasn't let up since. It doesn't want to give me even a day of a break.. My doc put me on Percocets, Flexeril, and Tofranil (some kind of anti-depressant that is supposed to help the pain and help me sleep, although it hasn't worked for either yet)....I was also referred to Dr. Parks the pain management doc here in Wichita, KS.. You are in Wichita, KS aren't you? Well, if you have any questions for me, I'm usually on the Pain Management board and rarely check out whats going on here, but I will check back a few times just to make sure you get my message. Have a good night, and hope I've helped some...


P.S. I was told to ice it, but it seems to make the spasms worse, so I put heat on it usually and sometimes it helps

-21 year old chronic pain patient..
-Have a transitional vertebrae @ s1.
-adhesions from years of not knowing gallbladder was bad then had it removed, lots of abdominal pain now...
-Chronic severe migraines, and tension headaches... Taking Imitrex for migraines.. Working well...
-Lots of low back and mid back pain growing up.. Now having lots of knifelike shoulder pain between spine and shoulder blades..
-Pain overall between 7-9 everyday without meds.. But when meds are present, (and not wearing off) I'm between 4-7..
-Moderate case of TMJ
-Lots of throbbing pain in left knee and left arm from previous fractures..
-Meds I'm taking now : Percocet 7.5/500 every 4 hrs as need for pain, Flexeril 10mg 2x/day, Tofranil 20mg @ bedtime, Imitrex for migraines, Phenergan for nausea/vomitting, Albuterol for asthma... That's all I can think of for now..hehe...

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