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hey i know what you're going through.... and i can say that i really think that its ibs.... it sounds just like ibs.... and w/ the different doctors diagnosing it as ibs i really believe they are right, because i go through the same kinda thing.... stress does NOT cause IBS, however it does and can GREATLY AFFECT IT..... they say that 95% of the seratonin(sp?) in our body is in our guts... and only 5% is in our brains...... you know the chemical they try to balance, all those zoloft commercials... well thats why you're given those anti-D.... they try to block this "im leaving i'm not going to be around a bathroom" reaction when you leave.... thats why there is such a connection between our mind and our guts..... seriously i have experimented w/ a variety of anti-Depressant meds, and it took me quite a like 4 diff. ones to find out which one worked best for me..... the SSRI types of anti-d's are best for ppl who suffer from cons. and pain... usually not best for the D side of ibs.... so i think that paxil isn't a good choice....... try the tricyclic(sp?) anti-d's.. those are better for IBS, like tofranil... the difference is that the SSRI can actually cause some pretty bad bouts of diarrhea as a side effect... Generally the ones like Tofranil don't..... ever try donnatal, an anti-spasmadic..... the combination of tofranil and donnatal has worked really well for me..... and try taking caltrate 2 times a day...... and a probiotic 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach..... eat well.. don't eat the bad foods.... maybe stay away from dairy, switch from regular milk to soy...... lactose(milk sugar) is often not handled well by ppl w/ ibs........ eat grilled, not fried.... try looking up ways to eat w/ it.... but i really don't think it would be anything else because it seems like ur anxiety issues are contributing to your bowel frequency... and that has happened in my case... if i leave the house or have a lecture at school thats gonna be awhile, i get so worried i may not have a br, that it makes me go and i can't leave the house.. only after experimenting w/ diff. meds, and diet have i found a routine thats worked... good luck.