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You said she is having daily migraines. How long has this been going on? Days, weeks, months? I had a chronic headache that was classified also as status migrainous when I would look at the diagnostic form at my Dr.'s office. Mine was unbearable and lasted seven months. What and how much meds are used daily for the headaches? For example, aspirin, ibuprofen, prescription meds. Too many of these will cause a rebound headache. What about depression and anxiety? Who wouldn't have depression living with painful headaches everyday. That is how I felt. I developed panic attacks because I was always worried something very serious was wrong. As far as antidepressants go the tricyclics are suppose to be some of the best. Tofranil PM worked very well in my case. I began this after going through withdrawal from pain killers including, ibuprofen, aspirin and the prescription ones too. It was very hard doing this but it helped me break the cycle of pain and allowed a medication like Tofranil to adjust my seratonin levels and help with my panic disorder that arose from all of this. I was on xanax for a while and this too helped in my case. But I stress "in my case." The tricyclics are also good for chronic pain. There was only one Dr. here in Houston that gave me my life back and that was Ninan T. Mathew of the Houston Headache Clinic. Do searches on him on the internet he has many articles or papers out their on chronic headachs/migraines. I believe Dr. Seymour Diamond is a well known headache dr too.