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I am also australian and don't believe in using medication to control my sons behavioural issues, we have use behavioural modification, time out and spent a huge amount of time with him to try and identify possible triggers then work on getting him to cope with better. We have worked on his self awareness and problem solving to identify issues. Personally i believe that in the long term this is better for him.

We have been offered Ritalin, Risperdine, Tofranil and prozac....he is eight! and all of this was offered before he was 6, mainly by psychiatrists, fortunately our paediatrician who offered the ritalin supported me in all my decisions and was horrified at some of the medication this child was offered. he is amazed at how my son has progressed through perserverance and it has reinstated his view that you don't always know how much a med actually helps and how much is natural progression.

No offense to any in the US, but it seems more common/acceptable there to rely on medication than it does here in Australia. Maybe it is a cultural difference, I don't know, but I do know that I am glad that I never made that decision. Oh I should also mention that my son is mainstreamed with integration funding, in some areas he is doing well and in others not, lately his social skills are improving phenomenally, partly because his perservations are similar at the moment to many other kids and they consider him something of an expert, but they accept him for all his differences and respect him when he tells them he wants to play alone. All in all, he is doing great and I am proud of him in so many ways.