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I am so disgusted with all of this. I can't imagine your level of frustration. Here is what gets me so mad ( I have done this rant before )..........dr's that hand out anti-depressants!!!!!!!! Don't these idiots know how dangerous these medications are????? I'll tell you how stupid they are...........they don't want to give you pain meds because of dependance and not being able to stop them cold turkey, BUT the SAME thing goes for the stinkin' anti-depressants!!!!!!!!! I came off Celexa 2 years ago and it was PURE HELL! I cannot imagine trying to come off and anti-d again!! They are so darn ignorant. I go to a psychiatrist for counseling for anxiety/panic. He flat out told me that MD's should NEVER be giving out physciatric meds like anti-depressants.

I know you know all of this............it just angers me so much when someone who has been on pain meds is taken off them for no ligitamit reason and then they are told to take an anti-depressant! I went for years being handed scripts for these type meds when I needed pain control. The dr's who would write them for me even knew that I was already being treated for 8+ years by a psych for anxiety/panic with meds and that they should never give me anything like an anti-d.

Sorry for the rant. I am just so upset that you were called in amitryptiline ( is that tofranil ?) for pain. I am just so upset.

Please keep us posted and go to the ER, make yourself an annoyance to get your point across. Did you tell them when you went there the other night what this dr had done to you?

Take care,