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I take Tofranil, supposed to take 3X50mg at bedtime.. I have a prescription for Librax to take 3 times a day before meals. I take imodium ad from time to time.. also take digestive advantage ibs and equalactin.... ummm i have a prescription for xanax to take as needed when the cramps get really bad... what else? hahaha, get the point, you're not alone! its a tough disorder to handle, because there are so many different ways it can hit you... the pain the cramps the diarrhea the constipation... how much more can we take? lol..

and if you suffer from the diarrhea side of ibs i'd recommend the calcium

vitamin c can have a laxative effect, so therefore if you suffer from the constipation side, you could take a megadose of that vitamin. it doesn't stay in the body, so you can megadose that. i've heard of people taking 20,000+mg's daily who have cancer. A friend of mine who had liver cancer used to megadose that about 10,000mg a day, and she is the one who told me people take even more!

you might wanna look into digestive advantage.. it can be found at stores like wal-greens or cvs. its called digestive advantage ibs and it treats both constipation/diarrhea, or at least it's marketed that way, lol.

yeah, i carry a bag full of my medicines on long trips etc, and just sometimes anytime im leaving the house because i never know when the symptoms are going to hit, so i definitely understand where you are coming from!