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Hey.. have you tried going to your doctor and telling him of your extreme anxiety about flying?

If so, you could request a benzo, like Xanax. They are anti-anxiety meds that I have found to be the best at combatting my IBS symptoms, problem is they are hard to get b/c a lot of people abuse them. I used to get anxiety attacks because of the fear, but once I had a script for Xanax my fears subsided, just knowing that I had them to take... the "what if" I have an IBS episode, "what if" I have an anxiety attack.

I would go to your doctor and talk to him about these, because truthfully they have been the most beneficial med I have taken for IBS..

I have taken tofranil, zoloft, lexapro, donnatal, librax, imodium ad, prevacid, nexium, prilosec, and i'm sure there is more.

I also might add though that when I flew the first time, which was last year, I hadn't taken the Xanax and didn't want to right before my first flight.

So like you, a couple days before I ate something I knew was going to give me some pretty bad d. then the day before I didn't eat anything but a piece of a grilled chicken breast... and took 4 imodium ad. the whole week i was on vacation I had probably 2 slices of turkey lunch meat, some graham crackers and ginger ale.... i pretty much starved myself in fear of having an ibs episode while i was there, i was in a room w/ 4 ppl and one br, so needless to say I wasn't really hype on having an attack there.

When I flew home I was sooooooooooooooooo weak, it wasn't a good thing to do, but you know exactly what that feeling is like too, so you can understand.

Thats part of the reason i've went from a 185-195 lbs to 150-160lbs.... Not just because of times like these, but because of the actual times where I have to go to the br a lot.

It's one of those nights tonight actually, I haven't eaten really big since Thursday. I have a meeting I have to go to tonight and I won't eat until I'm back at myself.

Good luck!