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Hey all
I'm new to this forum, and joined cos I have a pretty embarrassing problem that I wanted to discuss with people while remaining (relatively) anonymous.
My problem is that I'm almost 20 and I experience enuresis (bed wetting). I had this problem up until age 13, when I went to see a nurse who specialises in the field, and we managed to get it under control.

However, about 6 months ago (7 years after we thought we'd cured it), it started up again, and now I'm wetting the bed every 2nd night, on average.

I've had type 1 diabetes since I was 9, and I have found that when I wet the bed, it's USUALLY cos I've had a high blood sugar overnight, but not always.
My specialist has tried me on Minirin (a drug that reduces the amount of urine produced), and I have also tried Tofranil (a drug that is supposed to make you sleep lighter), but neither seems to have been effective so far. I've also tried waking myself up midway through the night to go to the toilet; however, even though I do this, I still sometimes wake up wet in the morning.

I have no ideas about why it started again, but it's frustrating, embarrassing and pretty demoralising. Can anyone make any suggestions about what I can do, or about who I should see about this problem? I'd be so grateful for any ideas :)