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what has worked for me is taking a TINY dose, one that is so small it's probably never prescribed, of Tofranil. It's an antidepressant. My mind would not shut down either-I wound up taking tylenol PM and OTC sleeping pills for many* years each night-but they got to the point where they would not stop my racing thoughts. This agonizing over what has to be done, what happened recently or long ago--this is a lack of the "feel good" chemical serotonin and a sign of minor to moderate depression. So with just a tiny 10mg dose of Tofranil at bedtime and another 10mg upon waking up - I dont understand it-but I have a peaceful , "who cares" attitude at bedtime and i just fall asleep and SLEEP WELL with great dreams!! I also have started back on my magneisum 350 mg ++ with calcium and maybe that helps, too; but the Tofranil is what has made So much difference. I used to dread going to bed, knowing an hour would go by and I'd be so angry with my continuing thoughts. Now I just fall asleep :yawn: