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Tofranil might be an option.

I didn't have any libido problems on it, and I was on it for more than a year at 150mg.

Doxepin is a good one, too.

I like Tofranil probably the best. It's cheap, and you can get it in the 10mg tablets like Elavil (which I find more convenient).
Hi all!
Thanks for the tips!
The dosing of the Elavil was tricky, because I'd have to take it in the evening, because of the drowsiness, but also, one tends to have sex in the evening, right? ;)
I found though, that while on it - and I only took 5 and then 10mg I felt very reduced sex-drive in general. So not just immediately after I took it.
Also, I felt it make me nervous, even anxious and although first it improoved my sleep, a few times I could not sleep, because my heart was just racing and racing for no reason!
I know for sure that stress makes this problem worse for me. I've been out of work again for a couple of weeks and all last week frantically looking for work. I've been feeling terrible! Today I started a new job, relaxed somewhat and eventhough my legs hurt from standing all day, my neck and head is just fine!
What were the most common side-effects with Tofranil?