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  1. xanax withdrawal... sucks
    ... Time that has greatly lessened my anxiety or if it's Tofranil . I began Tofranil, an anti-depressant, couple of years ... xanax during the day anymore. I just take 25mg of Tofranil (Imipramine)at bedtime then, around 4 or 5am when ... taking 1mg of xanax at bedtime. Then I discovered the Tofranil and gradually got off the xanax bedtime dose. It was ... what it says. I can only hope that long-term usage of Tofranil isn't dangerous. The way I got off the 1mg xanax is...
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  2. Tofranil and Subutex
    ... Hi! I take the same as you, Subutex. What is the Tofranil ? Is it for depression? My doctor started me on 10mgs...
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  3. WannaBnormal
    ... too many side effects for me. Now he wants me on Tofranil . This whole antidepressant thing is not sitting very...
    ... effexor but maybe I'll OK on on a tricyclic like tofranil . Ill give it a try. My Dr. said "I'll work with...
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