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Thanks, Nyxie! Actually, I don't know about the magnesium, but they have me taking a magnesium oxide supplement as well, to help with migraines. They tried giving me Topamax, but then I was asked if I had a history of kidney stones. I make those things like it's my job, so yeah, just a bit of a history. So, they can't give me anything but magnesium and b2 for them. I have never been tested for malabsorption. What test would that be? I can ask for it when I see the PCP next month, as I am getting a lot of labs done at that point in order to test for the levels of all of those vitamins to see if it is getting better. I will definitely start taking the vit a and c as well if tey will help. Thanks for the advice! The doctor didn't mention any of it. I am going to be going to the doctor to try and get copies of all of the labs they ran this week and such faxed over this morning. Hopefully i will get the results tonight, and I can post them.