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Hi Barbara,

My prayers go out to your sister Peg. MY mom is 70yrs old, she had ahystorectomy in Aug 2000 but she also had to receive Chemo (6 treatments of Taxol/Carboplatin)because apparently she had some traces in the lining. She did well these past three years until this year when her CA125 started climbing. She had CTs, PEt Scan and there were no showings of CA.Her doc put her back on Taxol/Carbo (she had 3 treatments checked her blood on her 3rd and showed no sign of CA125 going down)He changed her treatment to TOpotecan thinking she had resistance the second time around which she recieved her first dose last week. Can you kindly share any other info as to what to expect.This thing is probably hiding and her doc is going by the CA 125 count.