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My dad was diagnosed with limited small cell lung cancer (2 nodules in one lung and lymph glands) in sept 2000 he had VICE chemo and then radiotherapy he was in remission by feb 2001 he had PCI and was in remission until jan 2002. He has the 2 nodules come back in same one lung and 2 tumours in the liver. He started chemo etoposide and carboplatin had 1st round but we have been told his cancer is resistant to the drugs. Docs are hoping to get Topotecan his tumours have grown since jan bone scan and brain scan are negative( no cancer ). I feel concerned as the docs seem to be dragging their feet and time waits for no one. I wondered if anyone has any advice on alternative methods herbs etc , exp of topotecan dealing with liver mets or any advice in general would be much appreciated.

Thank you