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We got the scan results today and Stan starts chemo once again on Monday. His last chemo was on Sept. 15th and at that time had a 30% reduction of the cancer in his liver and almost a 50% reduction in his lungs. Everything else stayed about the same...adrenal, lymph nodes, brain, spleen and bones....but today we found out that the 30% reduction he had achieved is now back and he also has some more in his bones. He starts on a chemo we had never heard of...Topotecan. Has anyone ever used this or had a loved one or friend that has?? It was so disappointing, but Stan knew based on the pains he was having in his liver that the cancer had become resistant to the last chemo. He is being positive and looking forward to when he will feel better soon. He was doing really great until right before the Holidays so he wants that quality back. He will do this chemo for 4 months, but the doctor said that if the pain does not get better in 2 months then he has to go back for scans since that is a good indication that the chemo is not working then they will want to switch to a new treatment. We don't want to waste any time since it is so aggressive in his liver.
Thinking of all of you out there and wishing you a nice weekend....