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Hi Ron,
My husband is not having the same chemo as your wife, but wish we could have been of some help for you two. I do hope that your Bec is doing better when you receive this post and you have a wonderful weekend together. I also hope that Bud and Jan will be able to have a great weekend as well. It is true Ron that they just don't tell you enough on the side effects and yes each person is different too. My husband started topotecan this week and so far no one has come forward and said they have ever used it or have known anyone using it so we weren't able to get any ideas on how Stan might feel. This chemo seems not to be as harsh as the etopside/cisplatin he had from June to Sept. I have searched all over the Internet and no where did it say it would effect the taste buds and my husband says it has...odd. He also has the bone aches and gets chilled easy and gets VERY aggitated over ANYTHING. We were told he would be VERY fatigued and at this point he is not so I guess each person is really different. So...if anyone might ever have to be on topotecan then you will have idea what someone else has experienced. Topotecan is used for someone who has become resistant to the first line chemo in a very short time. Ron and Jan and all others out there reading this...have a beautiful weekend and my thoughts and prayers are there for all of you...You have all been so wonderful in helping me through some tough moments.