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My husband was diagnosed the first week in June 05 with Extensive SCLC. We were told that SCLC is very aggressive and yes does respond well to chemo; however, we were told that of course each person is different and responds differently but in most cases the body becomes resistant very quick. An example of that is...we were in the doctors office in late June and I met lady who had SCLC and she had a 90% reduction in her cancer and she was so thrilled but in less than 3 months the cancer came back like fire and she was ready to start her 2nd line treatment in hopes that it works but your % gets lower each time you become resistant is what we have been told. But..you never know how ones body can take the chemo and respond and you could get great results. Tuckygal who posts here often had limited Stage SCLC from what I remember and she is cancer free! You just never know! Then in my husbands situation...his last chemo treatment was on September 15th and was told the first week in October that he had a 30% reduction of the cancer in his liver, 50% reduction in his lungs. Right before the Holidays he started having bad pains once again in his liver and his bones hurt a lot more so in January he had the scans done and the 30% reduction had all come back and the bones got worse but the lungs stayed the same so they have now started him on Topotecan which is knocking him down and he is having a hard time emotionally since he feels so terrible. Our doctor is very honest and upfront and tells us the %'s get lower each time he does another chemo but I hold onto a miracle and hope his body will take to the chemo he is doing right now. I hope I did not babble too much but wanted to share what your dad might be up against.