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Stan is napping right now and have a few minutes and hopefully I can share some of what Stan has been experiencing with Topotecan. Stan started Topotecan on January 23rd. It makes your white and red blood counts go extremely low. The first week after chemo Stan had to have 3 shots for white and one shot for red. His platelets also went very low but now back to the normal range today. He did not experience any bad taste in his mouth since it is not a metal base chemo. He was able to eat okay. He did experience some irregular heart beats for a couple of days they kept an eye on and his pulse has been around 100 since he started this chemo. His onc thinks his body is just working harder and it is making his heart work harder. The onc said this chemo does not cause problems with the heart. Stan's biggest problem with this chemo is the fatigue. When he was on Etopside and Cisplatin he would feel crappy for a week and then get to feeling pretty good and we could go places and do some things but during this chemo he has never been able to go anywhere other than the doctor. The fatigue is just wearing him out. They told us today the reason he is so tired is because of his red count was very low today. He was sorta sad today since they told him he has to start on Monday again for the next round. They give it to him for 2 hours a day for 5 days a week...is that what Joe is having? If I think of any other symptoms I will let you know. You have mentioned Joe sleeps so much already so I hope he can handle the fatigue this chemo has on people. I pulled Topotecan on the Internet and read all about it. Sorry to hear about the additional growth on Joe. It is so frightening when things are not working. Stan is getting concerned too since he has pain in his liver a lot and since he started this chemo the pain has not subsided at all! The doctor told us if the pain was still there in 2 months then he has to have scans again and figure what other treatment options are available. That is terrible the doctor did not tell him, but the nurse...so odd! Wow, if Joe cannot get around much how do you get him to the doctor and chemo appts? I feel for you as that must be so hard.
Anyway, need to get some things done while Stan is sleeping. Take care and hope I gave you some info that can help even though everyone is different in what they experience during chemo.
When does he start chemo? Next week? Tomorrow?
Thanks so much for the reply!
Joe started the Topotecan today after he saw the Dr.
He is to have the chemo once a week for three weeks then off for a week.
You asked how we manage to get him to the Dr well thank God he can walk short distances or I really don't know how we would manage, As soon as we hit the hospital out comes the wheelchair!!
Thanks for the info about the chemo,gosh Joe's pulse rate is always in the 120's and you talked of the fatigue,my I hope this doesn't happen with him,I mean how much more fatigued can he get??
So onward and upward we go another day in our so called life.
Oh almost forgot to mention that the Dr gave us some samples of a high calorie powder that you mix with any liquid it's called Resurgex,I was wondering if you have ever used it or heard of it?? Joe doesn't seem to mind the taste, as I mixed it with one of his Ensure Plus this afternoon,with this powder and his Ensure he gets 750 calories in an 8 ounce glass!!

God Bless