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Sorry to hear you are brought to this board, but know that it is the best place when I just need to vent and let go or maybe to try to help someone else out. Anyway, wanted to share with you my husband's first chemo treatment which almost sounds like what your father is going thru. My husband has Small cell lung cancer and his treatment was Etopside and Cistplatin and he had it for one day that lasted about 6 hours and then the next two days about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and then also had it every 21 days and he said he never knew how fast 21 days can pass so quickly! Please ask questions like crazy! Find out what type of chemo he is taking...then pull it up on the Internet to know what to expect...even though each person responds and reacts differently you get a general idea. My husband has lung cancer but his lungs might be the strongest part in him at this point since he was not a smoker and the cancer in his liver is really bad and they are trying to get a grip on that. He also has it in his bones, spleen, brain and adrenal and lymph and who knows where else it seems to be making its way. He became resistant to his first line of chemo treatments so now is on Topotecan. I wish you and your dad and family my best and will add your to the prayer list. Stay strong for your dad and be the one to ask questions. I am the one who asks all the questions for my husband and write them down so I don't forget. Let me know if you have any other questions and hopefully I can help you but if not maybe someone else can.
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