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I think you got my posting, right? When Stan started using Topotecan I also put a posting out there wondering if anyone else had used and did not hear a thing so then of course I looked all over the Internet. It has been around for quite awhile based on my research. What I do find odd is that your husband is getting to use this for his 3rd line treatment and Stan as his 2nd line treatment. Based on what I read I think the reason they jumped Stan to this so quickly is because he became resistant in such a short time to his 1st line treatment. I do know that his doctor told him that if the pain in his liver does not get better that in 2 months they will re do the scans. Where is most of yours husband's cancer? I even read on one site that stated this chemo crossed the blood/brain barrier! I was surprised to have read that, did you come across that?
I hope you do hear from someone else that has used Topotecan so they can offer some more information to our husbands. My heart aches for so many people that have been sticken with this disease!
Sending you my best wishes and prayers,
Yes I recieved your posting earlier,and again thanks!!
My husband's primary tumor is in right lung, (SCLC) with several new mets just discovered this week!! Also a new tumor in abdomen.
He has had WBR 15 cycles.
I have done research on Topotecan,will do more research to check on the blood brain barrier.
He had 10 cycles of cisplatin/etoposide,had a "good response" and was stable for around 8 weeks,then the brain mets discovered.
After WBR he was started on cisplatin/etoposide "heavier"dose for tumor once again active in his chest,now with discovery of new mets,new tumor they started Topotecan.

God Bless
Remember when I mentioned that I had read that Topotecan penetrates the blood/brain barrier? Anyway, Stan's doctor even mentioned it yesterday to us so what I read was correct! If it even helps a little I would be thrilled since Stan has so many mets but I meant to write you last night and share that with you!
Have a beautiful day with your hubby and hugs and prayers,