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Oh Carolyn....my heart goes out to you and your mom...seems so unfair since she has gone thru so much with the stroke and now cancer. I hope you find comfort and hope by visiting this board. My husband also has the SCLC and it has spread everywhere including his brain. If she has SCLC find out what type of chemo they will be giving her. Stan had Etopside and Cisplatin and do remember each person is different but it absolutely ruined his taste buds and he was so weak he did not shower for 4 days. But please keep in mind that each person is different. Stan could not stand the taste of anything and became grouchy (can you blame him?!) and lost a lot of weight. It took months for the metal taste to get out of his system. He has since become resistant to the chemo so they started him on another one which is Topotecan and it causes severe fatigue and low blood counts so they can easily get sick. But on Topotecan he lost his appetite a little but not too much which was great. Now as far as your mom being in the mood she is it is hard to say whether she has brain mets or that she is just fed up and tired of being pushed so hard with the stroke and now cancer. I cannot even imagine how I would feel. I have left Stan many times during chemo and leave him food that is ready for him to eat incase he wakes up. When he is recovering from chemo he does not like to be bothered and wants to sleep and we have 2 boys so we would go do the grocery shopping or errands while he rested so it was nice and quiet. Ask the doctor what he thinks about leaving your mom alone. Keep us posted on what you find out and my prayers are with you and your family.
P.S. Tuckygal visits this posting board and she is a survivor of SCLC so I hold on to hope everyday and hope you do too. She is so strong and such a great inspiration to all of us.