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Oh Jan, Sorry to hear about your husband not doing well and he will be in my thoughts and prayers today. My husband has pain in his liver area and since he started Topotecan it has not gotten better. I want to thank you for your prayers and kind words all have expressed to me since my father has passed away. I truly appreciate it and probably would be a mess without all of you...But...want to wish Jan and Bud and good day and hope things start looking up around here! I also wish that karen and Joe have a beautiful and good day. I am in a hurry and would love to respond to everyone but Stan has been in the hospital since yesterday morning so I am off to spend the day with him once again. The boys are being so good and my 16 year old is a big help and so are friends. And thanks JanMarie and all the others out there for your encouraging words...sorry my mind is racing with questions I must ask the doctor when I get to the hospital. They gave Stan a transfusion because they needed to get his blood thicker so they can take care of the peri rectal abcess and he is also spiking high temps and doing tons of blood cultures hoping he does not have a blood infection too. Anyway, thanks again to all and I know I have left out many names but please forgive me and I will sit down when I have time and respond...thinking of you all and know there is sunshine out there for us and our loved ones.
God Bless,