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Thought I would give everyone an update on Stan's treatment plan. As many of you have read he was hospitalized for 5 days last week and is having a very hard time with his immune system from the chemo he is on. (Topotecan) The doctor agreed and had orginally told us that Stan had to go thru 4 months of this treatment, but for some reason he said he will do scans after Stan's next round of chemo making that only 2 months of treatment with this chemo. (So...I guess around the first week of April he will have his scans) He is on antibiotic for another 15 days and his white count was 24,000 so guess his body is fighting the infection. I wish I would have thought fast enough why the doctor has changed his mind and asked him why....but did not think of it until we got to the car. I had a list of questions so kept on track with those so it did not sink in until we left...oh well, cannot worry about it since we cannot change what is going on. Stan is still have a hard time with the peri rectal abcess that he got during the last chemo. Your heart just breaks for so much pain they endure and yet my husband still tells jokes. Anyway, for those who are new to the board my husband is 51, never smoked and has Stage IV SCLC that was diagnosed in June 05. His first round of treatment was Cisplatin and Etopside and stopped that treatment on Sept. 15th and he had some reduction of the tumors in his lungs and liver. He had scans in Jan that showed he became resistant since the tumors were coming back so that is when they started his 2nd line of treatment with Topotecan.
I will end this now praying everyone is having a good week. I am still so sad reading about Joe and knowing Karen is having to deal with all this heartache. God Bless you all...
Kim, I am alittle slow in posting but just wanted you to know that you and Stan have been in my thoughts alot since hearing of his abcess. I am glad he is out of the hospital and back home as home is the best place to be! I hope his week off chemo gives him some time to recover some so he is better able to tolerate the next dose. Topotecan for SCLC must be alot like the Taxotere is for NSCLC with the horrible fatigue it causes.

Stan and my mom share the problem of the liver being the biggest problem right now.It is weird how being the only organ that can regenerate itself that the liver is such a difficult place to be able to stop cancer, you would think it would be more like the chemo kills the cancer cells and the liver regenerates new healthy ones and rids itself of the cancer. :confused:

My moms lab tests before Last weeks chemo was good the only abnormal liver function value the Alk Phos. was 207 before but last weeks test was 143 so it has come down .Though not normal yet, we will take it. I hope that means this chemo is doing something to those liver mets.

Monday is her 82nd birthday so we are hoping the fatigue has lifted enough for her to enjoy it. I took last weekend and this weekend off work and have been at my moms for a week and will stay until after next Wed.'s dose of chemo. For me it is nice being off work and away from all the stress there.As I think many of us are finding out we need to take care of ourselves too. I feel that I have had it easier then many of you as my mom has done well until the taxotere . It hurts to see all that so many of you have been going through. As usual my prayers are with you all everyday and when I do not post I do stop by and read. Hugs to all the caregivers out there, remember to find some time for yourselves and take care of yourselves. JanMarie ;)