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Thanks for sharing the information on Melatonin. I found the information great and even read it to Stan even though he has SCLC. It sure does not hurt to try something...what do you have to lose?! I also agree with you that it is great your mom has had those additional 2 years with her family and friends. Life has some curves sent our way and I remember that in the past years when someone we knew was going thru chemo my husband said he would NEVER do chemo...well, that all changed the day he was told he had cancer. The thought of never did not even enter his mind even though if you would have asked him the day before he knew he had cancer he would have said never...but when he was told of his odds even though he knows there is no cure for his cancer he wanted to fight and hang on as long as he has quality of life to spend his us. We have had some great laughs and we have done things and changed the way we live life the day he was diagnosed. I can completely understand why your mom and Stan and anyone has made the decision to fight for their life.

I hope your mom is doing okay...thought of you this weekend, but got interupted while I was posting once this weekend. I hope your mom can stay strong and get thru this next round of chemo. At least she can start this treatment well rested and with great memories having all her daughters together.

Stan is declining and we need to discuss this with the doctor on Thursday before a decision is made to go forward with Topotecan. Stan has been in severe pain since Thursday evening and refuses to take Roxanol, but takes Vicadin and Extra Strength Tylenol and Advil. The first time he did chemo with Etopside and Cisplatin he started feeling better from cancer pain within 2 weeks. He started Topotecan on Jan 23rd and has not received any pain relief at all and now it is getting much worse...not a good sign. I do not want him wasting time on this chemo and they should switch him to another asap. SCLC as you know spreads like fire they say.

I also am concerned with this Topotecan because I thought that was what Joe was on and he passed away so quickly. (I am not sure if he quit since he was feeling so ill and could not get around)

Anyway, my thoughts are with you and Stan thanks you (me too) for sharing any information.
You take care of yourself and have a good week.
Oh, Jan...I am so happy to hear you joined Curves and doing something for yourself! I belong to the gym and go when I can and this morning I did cardio for 1 1/2 hours since my stress kept building. I use to go all the time before Stan was diagnosed with cancer. If I want to go now I have to wake up at 4:30am to go since I need to be home to make him breakfast and get the kids out the door to school. I usually go 4 times a week but like the weekend since I can go later. It is the best stress relief I have!!!
I end this now for all my friends on the posting board wishing you a beautiful week(even though they can be challenging we all know) with your loved ones and prayers to keep you strong and safe,